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Trainer: Dr Sarah Robins-Hobden

Location: Online

In the acceleration of the COVID-19 pandemic you might be facing concurrent challenges of conducting your research from home, tutoring small humans, anxiety over the welfare of family members, a restructuring of your social life, dealing with persistent uncertainty and, it seems, a national shortage of toilet paper. Layered difficulties deepen stress and can rob us of our sense of control. This session could help you manage stress better, focus on your resilience when you need to, and create a greater sense of agency, whilst acknowledging and working with the very real limitations you might be experiencing.

This online workshop takes the approach of less is more. A (very) brief overview of stress will equip you with an understanding of general responses, from which you'll identify how stress is affecting you personally right now. Having insight into your current landscape, you'll then work with three specific stress-management / resilience tools, in partnership with other researchers on the workshop. You'll decide what you might do, in your situation, and how to take small practical actions to focus on what you can control, whilst managing your reactions to what you cannot.

Engaging with this workshop will enable you to:

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