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Trainer: Dr Sophie Valeix (U-DOC Project Coordinator) & Kim Leader (counsellor at the University of Sussex Counselling Service)

Location: Fulton 203

Target audience: Doctoral researchers in the early stages from all disciplines (though all doctoral researchers are welcome).

Undertaking a PhD can be an exciting time. You are focusing on your own research in real depth, doing something which is personally meaningful and developing new skills, confidence and autonomy. But a PhD is a marathon, not a sprint. It is vital that you look after yourself and ensure you have the personal resources to succeed in a challenging environment.

Built upon recent research, this workshop examines the mental health and wellbeing challenges linked with doing a PhD and provides tools to manage those challenges and maintain good mental health, as well as to cope with mental health difficulties.

In this workshop you will:

This workshop is new and one of the initiatives of the wider mental health and wellbeing support and resources for doctoral researchers. Other workshops that are being developed include Looking Out for One Another in the PhD Community (5th December, places available) and Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Supervisory relationship (for supervisors only, date tbc). Further support includes the Student Life Centre, University Counselling Service, and Student Support Unit. For more information and resources, please visit the Doctoral School’s Wellbeing page.

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