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Trainer: Dr Sarah Robins-Hobden

Location: Fulton 203

Audience: Postdoctoral Research Fellows and PhD researchers.

If you’ve ever felt that you could do so much better if you just got out of your own way - then the chances are you’ve experienced a level of self-doubt. In this workshop we address two familiar thinking patterns of self-doubt: perfectionism, and imposter phenomenon. If you experience either (or both) of these issues - putting yourself under more pressure to achieve, experiencing increased stress and reduced effectiveness - then this workshop is for you.

Perfectionism is setting such high standards that you find yourself unable to reach them. You may feel that no matter how hard you work, you are not satisfied that the work is 'good enough' or 'ready'. Imposter phenomenon describes the experience of feeling you are a fraud, coupled with an intense fear of being found out. Contrary to what common sense may suggest, the more success you experience, the more intense the imposter feelings can become.

In this session you will practice with a range of techniques that help you tackle perfectionist tendencies and imposter feelings, unlocking more of your true potential and reducing stress in the process.

Engaging with this workshop will enable you to:

Facilitator: Dr Sarah Robins-Hobden (Learning and Development Consultant)

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