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IT Support

Based in a newly refurbished centre in the Shawcross Building, IT Services offers computing support, facilities, and software for your own devices. There is additional support for researchers who need to store large volumes of data or require a high performance computing environment.

ITS also runs a series of workshops on using Microsoft Office applications and other popular software.

In this video, Adrian Chorlton, Senior Training Manager, talks about the training on offer:

                                              [Read the transcript]

And here Adrian provides some tips on getting free software for your own computer:

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To find out more about IT Services, visit their Research Support webpage, like them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

What other software do you need?

This depends on your area of research. Two of the most popular applications are SPSS and NVivo:

  • SPSS – a statistical analysis package, commonly used in education, social sciences, and psychology.
  • NVivo – a qualitative data analysis package, used mainly in the social sciences.

The Researcher Development Programme includes regular workshops on both NVivo and SPSS. You can also view a recording of our webinar, Introduction to NVivo:

In addition to core software, there is also a range of apps and digital tools that can help you with your research. Here’s a recording of a webinar on Using Technology to Manage Your Research. During this session, Dr Catherine Pope introduced Zotero, Evernote, Scrivener, OneNote, Crashplan, and Google Docs:

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