Doctoral School

Progression Review

During each year of your registration, you’ll need to make satisfactory progress with your research. At the end of the year, the Director of Doctoral Studies in your School will advise the Student Records team as to whether you’re able to progress.

Although you should raise any concerns immediately, this review does also give you an opportunity to address any problems you may be experiencing, or areas where you might be better supported by your department or School.

Progress Report

You’ll be asked to complete a report outlining your progress and return it to the Research and Enterprise Coordinator in your School. Your main supervisor also has to complete a report detailing your progress, along with proposed solutions to any identified problems.

Progression Review Meeting

In addition to providing a progress report, you’ll be required to attend a formal review meeting with at least one member of faculty who is not your main supervisor, sometimes referred to as a ‘Thesis Panel’. This meeting is to discuss your academic progress and may include an academic defence of your research, or ‘mini viva’.

Full details of the progression review process are available on the Research Student Admin webpages.

Doctoral School