Doctoral School


Throughout your PhD, you’ll need to be aware of the information on the Research Student Administration website.

These pages are the equivalent of a handbook for doctoral researchers, covering the rules, regulations and processes that govern all PhD students at Sussex. It's vital that you familiarise yourself with the guidelines now, and that you keep yourself informed throughout your degree.

For example, they cover things like the progression review, the expectations of supervision, and where to go if you need help during your PhD. They'll take you right through to the end of your doctorate, and what's expected in your thesis and final examination.

The regulations are updated each year. Please refer to the website for up-to-date information.

If your research involves living people or animals, you might need to go through the Ethical Review process before you can begin your fieldwork.

This section also includes information on your Annual Review and planning techniques, along with examples of what you might be doing within the first six months of your PhD.

Doctoral School