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Difficult Language Training

If your research project will require you to learn, or improve your skills in, a particular language you may be able to apply for an extension due to Difficult Language Training.

Am I eligible?
  • The language training must be essential to your research project.
  • You must have stated on your SeNSS application that language training might be required for your project, or have indicated that you were unsure if it would be necessary.
  • You must be in the +3 element of your award.
  • Students on the 1+3 route are expected to have make some progress with language acquisition during their Masters course.
What languages are included?

There is a list of languages and guidelines for the extension you can request available on the SeNSS VLE.

What about funding?

You can apply for RTSG funding for languages that are available to learn in the UK.

If you are applying for Overseas Fieldwork funding, and it is not possible to get the language training you require in the UK, you may be able to include the costs for this in your OFW application.

How to apply
  • You must first discuss your application with your supervisor.  You will need their support in order to apply.
  • Your application must be made at least 2 months before you begin DLT.
  • The application form is available on the SeNSS VLE.
  • Please return your completed application to the Doctoral School:

SeNSS aims to make a decision on applications within 2 weeks of receiving them.

Further information

You can read the full SeNSS policy on Difficult Language Training here.



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