The Bulletin is the internal newsletter of the University of Sussex, produced by the internal communications team.

The aim of the Bulletin is to ensure the University community is well informed about campus news, events and issues, by providing timely and accurate articles and stories on issues affecting the University community, as well as current news and information about the people who make up the University community.

The Bulletin is published for the University of Sussex community, i.e. its staff and students. It is not an academic or specialist publication and the aim is to ensure that all material is easy to understand and appeals to a general readership.

The Staff Bulletin is emailed - to all staff, postgraduate researchers and others who ask to receive it - once a week on Friday mornings. The Student Bulletin is emailed to all taught students once a fortnight during term time, on Tuesday mornings.  If you would like to receive either the Staff Bulletin or Student Bulletin, just email internalcomms@sussex.ac.uk.