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HAHP Mentors

Find out about HAHP Mentors based in the school and how they can help you.

Due to the Coronavirus and the decision to move to online teaching, we have made the decision to move HAHP Mentor hours over to email, rather than holding them in-person. This will begin tomorrow, Tuesday 17 March.

Please use the subject line “Mentoring” in your emails, to help the mentors find relevant emails in their inboxes.

The Mentors will reply to emails from 12-1pm on their designated day (listed below). Emails will be replied to in the order received, and if a mentor is unable to answer all emails during their hour they will forward them to the mentor holding the next hour.

Mentors will also put on an out-of-office auto reply if they are ill and unable to respond to emails.

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 About HAHP Mentors

Our HAHP Mentors are PhD students who have been trained to provide information and support to other students in the School.

What they do

Student Mentors are able to assist all students, regardless of the subject background.

Mentors can offer information and support to any student on a range of academic issues.

They can:

  • discuss active learning strategies with you and help you to develop your study skills (e.g. how to prepare for seminars, types of revision strategies, how to manage your time)
  • tell you about all the academic support available at Sussex (e.g. events, workshops, drop-ins, one-to-ones) including online resources (e.g.
  • help you find your way around campus and know where to go for academic support (e.g. finding your way around the library, where to go for IT help, finding quiet study spaces)
  • help you to make the most of the academic support in your school
  • show you how to proofread your own work but cannot proofread your work for you.