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Access to Learning Fund

What is the Access to Learning Fund?

The Access to Learning Fund (ALF) is government money given to the university to help students in hardship.

Who can Apply?

The fund is available to full time and part time undergraduate and postgraduate students who are assessed as home students.

EU assessed students studying on part time courses can also apply for help with their fees.

Who is the Fund Aimed at?

Whilst any eligible student can apply for the fund it is targeted at students who can’t top up their funding through work, i.e. students with dependants, students with disabilities and final year students.

What Can the Fund Pay For?

The fund makes two types of payment. The standard award is made to help with general hardship, with an assessment of income and expenditure. In this assessment debts to the university CAN’T be taken into account, i.e. the fund can make NO payment to cover fees (except for the EU students mentioned above). NHS students on placements will NOT be able to claim travel, as this is normally covered in their funding from the NHS and we are not allowed to make double payments.

The non-standard award is designed to help pay for a one off expenditure the student was not expecting, i.e. costs of travelling to a funeral or to help with the costs of replacing uninsured items that are broken or stolen. It will NOT help students pay for field trips, as these are expected expenditure.

How do Students Apply for ALF?

Students can download the application form from the website (search for ALF), or they can come to the Student Life Centre (SLC). As well as obtaining a form students can also book a budgeting advise session with SLC staff, which we would strongly advise for all students in hardship.

Further Information

For further information about ALF, or any of the other hardship funds and bursaries available to students studying at Sussex please email the Student Funding Team (based in the SLC) at:

or call ext: 2994