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What do you think of Library and IT Services?

28 November 2016

All staff and students are being asked what they think of Library and IT Services in a new short survey launched today (Monday 28 November).

Newly promoted professors confirmed

24 November 2016

Eight new professors announced - including three female academics.

Latest Chile deal heralds Latin America growth at Sussex

24 November 2016

Since the start of the academic year a new agreement has provided a 20% discount for Masters and PhD students sponsored by the Chilean government.

Have your say in the 2016 staff survey

22 November 2016

The University is conducting a staff survey from Tuesday 22 November to Monday 12 December.

Academic Costs Hardship Fund available again

18 November 2016

The Students’ Union Education Officers have allocated funding to help to support students who are struggling to cover academic costs.

Be part of designing the new Students’ Union building

18 November 2016

We are getting a new Students’ Union building on campus and need your help in designing it. Share your ideas and suggestions on what you want to see!

Spotlight on...Dr Leena Al-Hassan

17 November 2016

"I don’t think you can stop bugs from becoming resistant, it’s in their nature. Bacteria want to survive so they are going to develop resistance"

Spotlight on...Dr Kasia Pisanski

16 November 2016

"My research project is about the idea of modulating your voice in different social contexts to affect how other people might perceive you"

Spotlight on...Dr Jillian Scudder

15 November 2016

"I am working with galaxies that were formed in the very distant past, about 2-3 billion years after the Big Bang"

Spotlight on...Dr Phil Johnstone

14 November 2016

"There's no point in just writing for academics. Public engagement is what excites me, engaging with politicians, industry and NGOs."

Items 51 to 60 of 184

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