School of History, Art History and Philosophy

New Staff Information & Resources

Welcome to Sussex and weclome to the School of History, Art History and Philosophy! This section contains key information for new academic faculty joining the School. It is aimed at helping to get you started at Sussex, making the most of your time here, and help integrate you into the life of the School and of the University.

In the first few days you will:

—  Visit HR in Sussex House to confirm your arrival and show your passport and any requested certificates.

—  Pick up your office keys from Jubilee Building room JUB-203.  You will need to leave a deposit of £10.

—  Activate your IT account by visiting IT services reception in Shawcross Building with your letter of appointment.

—  Obtain your ID/library card from the Print Unit in York House between 9.30 -12.30 or 2.15 - 4.30

—  For any Transport information, please visit

—  Find out about post & pigeon holes from the School Office staff in Arts A7

—  Obtain stationery supplies from the School Office in Arts A7

—  Find out how to access voicemail from Telephone exchange staff