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Equality and Diversity

This page is designed as a single place for all Equalities relevant information pulled together from other pages on both the School and HR websites.

HAHP Equality and Diversity Officer - Sharon Webb

Confidential help and advice is available from Sharon.  Please feel free to drop-by, email or call - 

Arts A123
External: 01273 876744
Internal: 6744

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Equality and Diversity Resources

We have created a 'Zotero' group to help gather reports, journal articles, newspaper articles, and other material related to equality and diversity in the workplace, in the curriculum, on campus and in the disciplines of History, Art History, and Philosophy. It is a resource for staff and students to share and use content.

Zotero Group: Equality and Diversity at HAHP Sussex 

You don't need to have an account to review content but you do to add - or send any relevant literature to Sharon Webb.

RHS - Race, Ethnicity & Equality Report

HAHP Statement on the Royal Historical Society’s Race, Ethnicity & Equality Report

LGBT+ Staff Network

The University's LGBT+ Staff Network seeks to increase awareness and understanding of LGBT issues.

You can find out more on Twitter and Facebook, or by emailing

BAME Staff Network

The University's BAME Staff Network is for all staff who define themselves as belonging to a minority ethnic group.

If you would like to join the network to receive notification of meetings and events you can find out more by emailing