School of History, Art History and Philosophy

Committees and Meetings

Members will receive outlook invites from the HAHP Events calendar for committees they are entitled to attend.

Semester One 2019-20-19DateTimeVenueKey contact
School Meeting
Weds 25 Sept 2.00-4.00pm A108 Ahmed Koyes
Research Committee - Research Leave Meeting
Weds 2 Oct 2.00-4.00pm A108 Paige Thompson
VC's HAHP Visit
Tues 8 Oct 3.30-4.30pm A108  
Combined School Meeting (HAHP, MFM, SoE, SCLC)
Weds 9 Oct 2.00-4.00pm The Amex  
School Education Committee
Weds 9 Oct 2.45-4.45pm A108 Gavin Osbourne
Research Degree Committee
Weds 9 Oct 2.45-4.45pm A181 Paige Thompson
Student Expereince Group
Weds 16 Oct 1.00-2.00pm A108 Vicky Phillips
Health and Safety Committee
Weds 16 Oct 2.00-3.00pm A108 Sophie Heath
Department Meetings / Boards of Study
   *American Studies
Weds 23 Oct 2.00-5.00pm* A108 Grace Ryan 
   *Art History    Weds 23 Oct 2.00-5.00pm* TBC Lisa Greening
   *Philosophy Weds 23 Oct 1.00-4.00pm* TBC Gavin Osbourne*
Combined School Meeting (HAHP, MFM, SoE, SCLC) Weds 30 Oct 2.00-4.00pm The Amex
Research Committee Weds 6 Nov 2.00-4.00pm A108 Paige Thompson
Department Meetings / Boards of Study - History Weds 13 Nov 2.00-5.00pm A108 Rosy Cooper
Student Experience Group Weds 20 Nov 1.00-2.00pm A108 Vicky Phillips
School Meeting Weds 27 Nov 2.00-4.30pm A108 Ahmed Koyes
Research Committee Weds 4 Dec 2.00-4.00pm A108 Paige Thompson

Committee Terms of Reference and Composition

Research Degree Committee

Terms of Reference:

  1. to determine arrangements for selection, admission and induction of research degree students in accordance with the requirements of Doctoral School Committee;
  2. to consider and monitor the delivery of provision for postgraduate research students and postdoctoral staff within the School (in accordance with the requirements of Doctoral School Committee);
  3. to determine and monitor arrangements for training and support for postgraduate research student and postdoctoral research staff in accordance with requirements of the Research Councils and the Doctoral School Committee;
  4. to monitor the outcomes of the annual review of progress for postgraduate research students, taking action as appropriate and to submit a report to Doctoral School Committee;
  5. to monitor (against targets) the performance of Departments in terms of admission, progression, granting extensions to, and completion rates of, research degree students;
  6. to consider arrangements for the appointment of supervisors in accordance with national requirements and those of Doctoral School Committee;
  7. to recommend changes to University policies and procedures governing research degree and professional doctorate programmes
  8. to consider arrangements for the management of research students acting as Associate Tutors;


Composition:  Director of Doctoral Studies (Chair);  Postgraduate Convenors for Art History, History and Philosopy; At least one postgraduate researcher

School Student Representative; At least one Postdoctoral Researcher.

In attendance: School Administrator (or nominee).

Reports to:  Doctoral School Committee.

Departmental Meetings

Terms of Reference:

To discuss matters relevant to the Department including all aspects of academic work.

Composition:  Head of Department (Chair); All members of staff associated with the relevant Department; All Department Student Representatives in the Department.

Student Experience Group

Terms of Reference:

(a) to discuss matters related to the student experience in the School including:

  1.     feedback from Student Representatives;
  2.     issues for information or consultation referred by the Head of School or other School Officers;
  3.     informal complaints or concerns that can be resolved locally;

(b) to refer relevant issues to:

  1.      School Management Team;
  2.      School Teaching and Learning Committee;
  3.      Student Experience Forum.


Composition: HAHP School Rep (Chair); Director of Student Experience; Director of Teaching and Learning; Director of Doctoral Studies; Head of School; School Administrator; All Student Representatives in the School.

In attendance: Head of Student Experience (or nominee).

Reports to:  School Teaching and Learning Committee and Student Experience Forum.

Research Committee

Key Role: The School Research Committee will support the Head of School and Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange in formulating and implementing the School Research Strategy, promote a strong research and knowledge exchange culture and ethos across the School, review the progress of Departments/Groups and individuals in the context of the School Research Strategy and develop activities that enhance research.

Terms of Reference:

  1. to agree the School Research Strategy for approval by Research Committee;
  2. to monitor School progress against the parameters set out by Research Committee;
  3. to receive and approve Department research strategies;
  4. to receive regular reports from each Department research committee (where it exists) about progress against the Department strategy;
  5. to facilitate interaction between Departments and Schools to promote interdisciplinary research;
  6. to manage the School’s engagement with key funding initiatives;
  7. to promote and exchange best practice in relation to the enhancement and management and conduct of research and knowledge exchange activities.


Composition:  Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange (Chair); A representative cross-section of staff from the School, this encompassing the range of research groups / themes / activities pursued by individuals and a range of experience.

In attendance: Director of Research and Enterprise (or nominee).

Reports to:  Research Committee.

Teaching and Learning Committee

Terms of Reference:

  1. to approve the School Teaching and Learning Strategy and associated operational plans for recommendation to Teaching and Learning Committee and to monitor progress towards achieving objectives;
  2. having reviewed reports and assessments of quality in teaching and learning in the School, including peer observation of teaching, and having responded appropriately, to approve an aggregate annual report, incorporating recommended changes of policy and noting any aspects of good practice;
  3. having reviewed reports from departments on all aspects of student performance with particular attention to issues of equality and diversity, and having responded appropriately to departments, to report to the Teaching and Learning Committee, incorporating recommended changes of policy and noting any aspects of good practice;
  4. having reviewed annually enrolment data for all taught programmes and courses, and having noted in particular the programmes and courses recruiting/enrolling below threshold, to oversee the quality assurance of School decisions with respect to withdrawal, suspension
  5. or continuation, and to report these decisions to the Teaching and Learning Committee;
  6. to recommend to Academic Programmes and Regulations Committee changes in title of programmes or the introduction of alternative modes of study;
  7. to approve, in accordance with procedures laid down by Teaching and Learning Committee, changes to existing courses and minor changes to programmes and report these to Academic Programmes and Regulations Committee;
  8. to approve annually the membership of examinations boards within the School;
  9. to ratify pass lists from all programmes owned by the School;
  10. to approve action plans arising from external examiner reports; to recommend nominations for external examiners within the School;
  11. to recommend to Academic Programmes and Regulations Committee amendments to assessment regulations and procedures;
  12. to approve Periodic Subject Review action plans and to ensure their implementation;
  13. to advise the Head of School on all matters relating to Teaching and Learning as they affect the annual planning round;
  14. to report to Teaching and Learning Committee University-wide matters arising from reports from External Examiners, Periodic Subject Review and annual monitoring of courses.


The Committee may delegate to its Chair, or any other member of staff, for the purpose of implementing policy in accordance with Statute XVI.3, powers and functions that it is itself competent to perform.

Composition:  Director of Taught Programmes (Chair); Head of School; Director of Student Support; Heads of Departments within the School (or, in single-Department Schools, two members of academic faculty drawn from across the School appointed by the Director of Taught Programmes following consultation with the Head of School); One undergraduate School Student Representative; One postgraduate taught School Student Representative.

Reports to:  Teaching and Learning Committee and Academic Programmes and Regulations Committee.

School Meeting

Terms of Reference:

To disseminate information, encourage discussion on issues of common interest and take soundings on proposed University policies. Senate has agreed that School meetings are an appropriate formal forum for discussing strategic and academic plans. Positions agreed or views presented at such meetings will not be binding on Heads of Schools and School Meetings will be advisory to Heads of Schools rather than formal committees of the University. However, Heads of Schools may decide to communicate the outcomes of School Meetings to Senate or other University committees.

Composition: Head of School (Chair); All academic and Professional Services staff in the School; All School Student Representatives in the School.