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Examinations and Assessments

This page is intended to answer key questions or direct you to the pages where the answers can be found, most of which are on the Student Systems and Records Office website.

All details about assessments (exams, coursework and other modes of assessment) are on Sussex Direct, but if you have questions, please come to the School Office (Arts A7) and / or contact the American Studies Coordinator.

Assessment regulations

The Examination and Assessment Regulations govern the way in which all taught students – undergraduate and postgraduate – are examined and assessed at the University of Sussex. Follow this link to the full examination and assessment handbook.

Assessment Criteria

These explain how your work will formally marked for your discipline, including specific criteria for particular forms of assessment (e.g. for essays or presentations).

Assessment Criteria for American Studies [DOC 32.50KB]

University procedures


Feedback will normally be provided to all students on all assessments within 15-term-time working days. If it is necessary to return comments after this time, every effort will be made to notify students in advance, but please remember that sometimes there are unexpected delays for reasons beyond our control (e.g. staff illnesses).

In addition to reading the comments provided by their marker, students are strongly encouraged to go and see their tutors during office hours to get additional feedback and/or to seek clarification on any of the points made in comments.

Electronic Submission and Feedback

From 2016, students taking first and second year modules will usually be asked to submit assessments electronically where assessments are text-based, for example, an essay.  Your Sussex Direct webpages and module handbook will give all assessment details, including whether the assessment is to be submitted via e-submission through Sussex Direct or in hard copy via the School Office.  Feedback for all e-submission assessments will also be provided electronically.

Please refer to the frequently asked questions available on the following webpage for further information:


You are encouraged to use the internet-based text-matching service, Turnitin, prior to submitting your assessments. This may help you identify problems with your referencing.

Turnitin is also used during the marking process as a means of checking the originality of submitted work. From 2014/15 all assessments submitted electronically via e-submission will be uploaded to the Turnitin database and an Originality Report will be made available to the marker. Please refer to the frequently asked questions available on the following webpage for further information:

Late Submission

Should you miss an assessment submission deadline (for whatever reason) you may still submit the assessment after the published deadline. However, this will incur a penalty, as follows:

  • Work submitted up to 24 hours late shall incur a penalty deduction of 5 percentage points (not 5% of the actual mark)
  • Work submitted after 24 hours and up to 7 days late shall incur a penalty deduction of 10 percentage points (not 10% of the actual mark)
  • No work shall be accepted after the 7 day penalty period has elapsed

Exceptional Circumstances - please see the Student Life website


Other Information

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