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Health and safety


If you have an accident, however minor, or witness a dangerous occurrence, notify either the School Office or School Administrator who will ensure that the accident is reported using the on-line system.

Fire Evacuation

If the fire bell sounds, leave what you are doing, close all windows and doors, and exit the building promptly by the quickest safest route. Congregate by the nearest Assembly point, a green sign with a white tick. Do not re-enter the building until permitted to do so. If you have any students or visitors with you, take them outside as well.

There are fire wardens appointed for each corridor in buildings, who are responsible for ensuring safe and speedy evacuation whenever the fire alarm sounds, and then reporting to the Fire Marshall, at the Assembly Point. A list of fire wardens is posted on the Health & Safety notice boards and School Office.

Fire Wardens
 Area Fire Warden
 B18, Level 0 male and female toilets & music rooms

 Rebecca Bowe (Anne or Natasha in her absence)

 B150, B151, B152, B155, B156, B158, B159, B160, B161  Holly Dore (Karen Tucker or Jack Hogent in her absence)
 B133, B134, B136, B138, B140  Liz Walker (Anne or Natasha in her absence)
 B131, B129, B127, B123, B121, B120, B119, B118, B117, B116, B114, toilets  Trudy Cadman (Anne or Natasha in her absence)
 B274 (and all internal rooms), B272, B269, B268, B264  Emma Carlyle (Michele Harrison in her absence)
 B263, B262, B261, B260, B259, B256, B255, B254, B252  Michele Harrison (Emma Carlyle in her absence)
 B251, B250, B249, B248, B247, B246, B245, B244, B243, B242, B241, B239, B238, B237  Evan Hazenberg / Hannah Field / Melanie Green
 B235, B233, B231, B229, B227, B226, B225, B224, B223, B222, B221, B220, toilets  Chloe Porter / Emma Newport / Katie Walker
 B219, B218, B217, B216, B214, kitchen  Bethan Stevens / Ronan McKinney / Sara Jane Bailes
 B335, B333, B331, B329, B327, B324, B323, B322, B321, B320, B319, B317, B310, toilets  John Masterson / Rachel Stenner / Matt Dimmock
 B351, B350, B349, B348, B347, B346, B344, B342, B341, B340, B339, B338, B337  Jason Price / Bill McEvoy / Andrew Hadfield

 Control Point: Grass courtyard outside Arts C by zebra crossing.

Fire Wardens should report to the Fire Marshall at the control point and then assist by directing people away from entrances and keep access paths free for emergency services.

Persons may only return to the building when advised to do so.

First Aid

First Aiders receive training through the University's Health, Safety team. The School has a trained First Aider located in the School Office, Arts B133.

The University also has an Emergency Response team. You should ring them 3333 (or 01273 873333) as they can arrange for emergency services to be directed to the correct place - do not dial 999 for ambulances/fire brigade etc, otherwise valuable time can be wasted for emergency vehicles getting lost on campus.

Further Guidance

University-wide guidance: