School of English

For students

This section of the website is dedicated to current students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, in the School of English.

Welcome to the School of English

As a student joining the School of English we aim to be able to provide you with the information that you will need over the course of your studies in clear and accessible ways.  We will also send you, in advance, essential information about your courses and modules to your Sussex email address, which we ask that you check into regularly. The links on the left hand side will provide information on the arrangements for student support and representation, on academic advising, courses and module information, on exams and submission information, mitigating evidence, appeals and frequently asked questions. You can also find out about study skills and other more practical information. You should also look at Canvas for specific information which is personally tailored to your own degree course and current modules for that year.

If you cannot find the information you need or you need guidance, please get in touch with the English School Office. You can visit the School Office in Arts B133. Staff in the office, as well as those based in other parts of the school, are here to help you. You can also telephone on 01273 877 303. The office is open from 9 until 5, Monday to Friday. If you have a suggestion for information that you think would be useful to include do drop us an email. The email address for the school is