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The Collections

We have a new Special Collections Website

Our new website was launched in 2010, and allows searching across all our collections and view records for all our items. You can access the site at the following address:

These pages are available for reference and are no longer being updated. They may contain out of date information.


The University of Sussex holds a number of internationally acclaimed archival, manuscript and rare book collections, mostly relating to twentieth-century literary, political and social history. Over 70 collections have been broken down into 15 main groupings below. If you are looking for a specific collection not listed here, please use the A-Z list.

Archives and Manuscripts

Bloomsbury Archives: including the papers of Virginia Woolf (the Monks House Papers) and Leonard Woolf, the Charleston Papers and others

Common Wealth Party Archive: papers of the British political party Common Wealth, 1940-1990

Copper Archive: papers of Bob Copper, patriarch of the famous Sussex folk singing family

JG Crowther Archive: papers of the science journalist & British Council policy-maker

German Jewish Collections: collections that reflect the study of political, social, literary and intellectual German-Jewish history, in particular the history of Jewish refugees and their families to the United Kingdom during and after the Second World War.

Geoffrey Gorer Archive: papers of the social anthropologist and longtime associate of Margaret Mead

Rudyard Kipling Archive (including many Kipling-related smaller collections): personal papers of Kipling and his family

Charles Madge Archive: papers of the acclaimed poet, sociologist and co-founder of Mass-Observation

Mass-Observation Archive: archive of the pioneering social research organisation

Harvey Matusow Archive: 20th century American politics, cultural history and underground movements

Frank Muir and Denis Norden Archive: over 600 radio & television scripts by 2 of the foremost British comedy writers of the 1950s & 60s

New Statesman Archive (including the papers of Kingsley Martin and CH Rolph): relating to the years 1944-1988 in the life of one of Britain's leading journals of political and literary analysis

Rosey Pool Collection: papers of Dutch teacher and cultural anthropoloist containing a wealth of material regarding African-American literature, politics and music

Other Manuscript Collections (including the Edith Sitwell Letters, the Maurice Reckitt Archive and others)

Printed Material

Printed collections : includes Mai '68 material, local history publications, journal and magazine runs and various magazine collections. Also held are book collections that were acquired with some of our manuscript and archive collections, including the Mass Observation Archive and the Rosey Pool Collections.

Rare Books (including the Baker Collection and the Travers Collection): items spanning over 500 years and rich in literature, travel, costume, the development of printing and illustration and the evolution of scientific thought

The Eugene W Schulkind Paris Commune Collection: documents the events in 1871 when Republican Paris found itself autonomous for 73 days

University of Sussex-related Collections

Archives relating to the University of Sussex


The Barlow Collection of Chinese ceramics, bronzes and jades

University of Sussex Artworks collection

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