Security Threat identified: “Verify your email” type phishing attacks

Posted: Fri 12 Oct 2018, 4:05pm.

Have you had an email in your Sussex inbox telling you that your email account is about to be closed?

If you get an email like this, with a link to follow and provide your login details, it’s probably a phishing attack.

The sad reality is that institutions like Sussex are high-value targets for cyber criminals. We stop hundreds of thousands of malicious emails reaching Sussex inboxes every year, but unfortunately some will get through. If one student or member of staff falls for a phishing scam and gives away their login details, their email account will often be used to send more phishing emails to others in their address book. IT Services works hard to quickly identify and resolve issues relating to compromised accounts.

When new threats are reported to the IT Service Desk, we post details on the ITS homepage

You can keep yourself safe by learning how to spot a phishing email. There is a lot of security advice available via the ITS Security page at We recommend you read the contents of this site thoroughly.

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