Security awareness: Keep your data safe!

Posted: Wed 3 Oct 2018, 9:42am.

Each month, we’ll be bringing you news and advice about staying safe online. Last month we looked at the importance of security awareness. Universities like Sussex are high-value targets, constantly being targeted by cyber criminals, and awareness is the best defence.

This month, we’re talking about how to keep your personal data safe.

The data you store might include your banking details, personal information or data about other individuals who trust you to keep it safe.

This data can be very easy to steal, copy or erase. Is your personal data, and the data you hold about others, kept safe?

Without the right awareness and protection, your data can expose you to identity fraud, ransomware or threats of extortion. Your GDPR obligations also mean that you could be held legally responsible for not properly protecting the data you hold about others.

  • If you are using a Windows 10 computer and you have the Pro or Education version, you should set up bitlocker to encrypt your hard drive. Students can download Windows 10 Education for free.
  • On a Mac computer, you should be using FileVault.
  • Store your files somewhere that has version history. This will allow you to recover lost files in the event of a security breach. IT Services provides Microsoft OneDrive (for students and staff) and Box (for staff). Both provide version history.
  • You should avoiding using USB flash drives. However, if you must use one, learn about encrypting USB flash drives.

You can find advice about how to set up these tools, along with lots of links to other security advice, at Scroll down and click on Protect Sensitive Data.

IT Services plans to begin training courses about online security, beginning with a practical workshop about encrypting drives.

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