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Sending Bulk Emails

Sending large quantities of emails from either your personal account or a shared mailbox will need to be carried out with caution to avoid problems. 


Email Sending Limits 

If you need to send large quantities of emails you will need to be aware of security policies that restricts the amount of mail that can be sent. This is to protect the University domain from being the victim of/or being used for the purposes of malicious cyber attack. 

If the university is sending large quantities of unsolicited emails to external addresses outside the University there is a risk this can be viewed as spam and our university addresses may get blocked by other web hosts. 

2968. What are my email quotas and message limits? : Frequently asked questions : ... : ITS : University of Sussex



Distribution Groups/Lists

Outlook Distribution Lists, also called Distribution Groups, are groups of email recipients addressed as a single recipient. In other words, multiple email addresses in one group. A distribution group is useful to send to groups of people, particularly if you need to do this on a regular basis and help avoid restrictions  with sending larger quantities of mail. 

The university manages a number of Automated groups where membership is automatically updated. Also we provide provision for Manually managed groups where owners can manage the membership themselves or request bulk updating of groups if required. 

Distribution Groups : Email and calendar : ... : ITS : University of Susse


Other Tools 

  • Surveys-  it is normally better to use supported tools for this when possible rather than university emails eg Qualtrics or Canvas  
  • Other third party tools such as Mailchimp can be used for bulk sending mail although you will need to contact IT Services to request that the sending address is added to our Mailchimp policy in Mimecast to avoid mail being held by our mail security system. 


Security and Compliance

For sending any large quantity of mail you must be aware of the university Data Protection Policies. 

  Surveys and mailing lists : Data Protection : ... : Governance and Compliance : University of Sussex


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