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How can I get an additional computing account that can be used by more than one person for dealing with departmental email?

A member of staff at the university can request an additional computing account for use by more than one authorised person within a group to deal with email for a particular task or project; for example answering admissions queries and handling conference registrations.  The account can therefore be used as a contact point, and because it is role-based,  it allows for consistency and a degree of future-proofness whenever staff changes take place.

Such an account is called a role-based account  and it is registered in the name of the member of staff who requested it.  That person (the 'account holder') must accept responsibility for the use (and any possible misuse) of the account.  IT Services does not need to know the names of the people using the account, but the account holder is responsible for ensuring that everyone using the account is authorised to do so, and uses the account appropriately.

Role-based Accounts are not normally available to students.   If there is a special case for a group email account for use by students, the account must still be requested by and be registered in the name of a member of staff supervising those students.

For more information see a complete Guide to Using Role based accounts 

Role-based accounts .vs. mailing lists

Please note that a role-based account is NOT the same as a mailing list (a mailing list is not an account at all).   Mailing lists are described separately at:


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