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Use Shared Mailboxes


Shared Mailboxes are available to staff for services that they provide so that several staff members can access and manage the mailbox securely.

Passwords for mailboxes are not shared, instead each person is added as a delegate to the mailbox. 


How to access a shared mailbox. 

You must be a named user who has been granted access to the shared mailbox by the mailbox owner. The shared mailbox will then appear in the left hand pane, listed with other mailboxes. Please note that this can sometimes take an hour to appear.

 Open and use a shared mailbox in Outlook - Microsoft Support



How to request a new shared mailbox 

Only staff members can request a mailbox.

The requestor will be considered the 'owner of the mailbox'


  1. Visit Request a Service  

  1. Scroll down and click 'Shared Mailbox Request'. 

  2. Complete the online form that appears. 



Add new or remove members to a shared mailbox. 

Note: Only the shared mailbox owner can request for this change.

Contact the ITS HelpDesk and request for the member of staff to be added to the shared mailbox for delegated access.



Changing the owner of a shared mailbox. 

A shared mailbox always has an owner (the person responsible for it). If an owner leaves the university, or changes role, it is vital that they arrange with IT Services to have a new owner appointed. 

If the owner of a shared mailbox is not known, please contact IT Services to find out. 



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created on 2010-01-01 by Andy Clews
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