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Why am I having problems printing a document I am viewing with Acrobat?

Occasionally you may experience problems when attempting to print a PDF file that you are viewing with the Acrobat reader. For example:

  • A document that appears fine when viewed on the screen does not appear when sent to the printer
  • A document you set to print as multiple pages per sheet (known as "2-up" or "4-up" etc) is printed as the standard 1 page per sheet
  • Text that appears normally on screen is garbled when printed

It is not clear why these problems occur but one solution is to check the box labelled "Print as Image" which can be found in the print dialogue as follows:

  1. Click the Adobe Acrobat Print icon:
    Acrobat print icon
  2. Click the Advanced button on the following window:
    Acrobat print options
  3. Tick the "Print as Image" box and then click on OK:
    Acrobat advanced print options

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Created by Chris Limb on 27 July 2001 and last updated by Alexander Butler on 6 August 2018