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I'm visiting from another University - can I connect to the internet or use your computing facilities?

If you have your own equipment (laptop, mobile phone) and would like access to the internet then the University of Sussex is a member of eduroam (UK) which in turn is a member of the international eduroam service.

This enables a visitor from one participating university to gain network access at another. Visitors no longer need to be issued with temporary accounts at participating institutions — instead they just use the same username and password as they would at their home institution. 

Visitors bringing equipment that is already set up for eduroam at their home universities are welcome to connect to eduroam here at Sussex. For details see

eduroam is configured be each participating university, and some have chosen not to share access to their wi-fi network with users from another university, or to allow their users to access other networks.  This is determined by each university, so some users visiting Sussex will not be able to connect to eduroam using their home institution details.

If you are visiting as a conference delegate then your event organiser may have arranged with Space with US for computing facilities to be available. Please check with your conference organiser.

If you are a guest lecturer, or visiting a member of staff from a non-eduroam institution, you can get online quickly using the free O2 visitor network.  If you are due to be staying here at Sussex for more than a day or two, please ask your University contact to arrange eduroam access via the IT Service  Desk.

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