Introduction to eduroam

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The University of Sussex is a member of the eduroam (uk), which in turn is a member of the international eduroam service.

This enables a visitor from one participating university to gain network access at another. Visitors no longer need to be issued with temporary accounts at participating institutions — instead they just use the same username and password as they would at their home institution.

At Sussex eduroam is used as the wireless network for both our own staff and students and for visitors.

Sussex staff and students who already use eduroam here at Sussex should be able to connect to the internet when they visit other eduroam institutions without having to change the settings on their laptops or mobile devices.

Visitors bringing equipment that is already set up for eduroam at their home universities are welcome to connect to eduroam here at Sussex.

All users of eduroam at Sussex, whether visitors or members of the University, must follow these policies:


If you are a student or member of staff at Sussex, and you have your IT username and password, follow these details to connect to the wi-fi or cable connections on the campus.

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Updated on 10 December 2018