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How to activate Autodesk Products on Personally Owned Devices and off Campus.

To activate the software, an Autodesk Education account is required. If you haven't already setup an account, please go to this web site and create an account using your Sussex email address.

Once you have your account details, please follow the steps below to activate the Autodesk software:

  1. Open the Software Hub and search for the software.
  2. Click the Launch button.
  3. The Cloudpaging Player should open and start downloading the software.
  4. After a while the software will start.
  5. When prompted, login using your Autodesk account credentials, in the web browser window.
  6. Once authenticated, click 'Go to product'.
  7. On the 'No active subscription…' page click 'Change License Type'
  8. On the 'Let's Get Started' message, click Select on the 'Enter a serial number' option.

  9. Click the 'I Agree' button the on Autodesk Privacy Statement.
  10. The software should now be activated.

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Created by Mark Wilson on 12 June 2023 and last updated by Mark Wilson on 27 September 2023