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Why is an app not working from Software Hub?

If you have problems with an application from Software Hub, please follow these few steps:

1. Log out from Software Hub by clicking on the account icon (top right) and Logout.  

2. Find and double click on Cloudpaging Player icon next to the Windows clock or open the Cloudpaging Player app from Windows start menu.

3. Select an application from the list in the Cloudpaging Player, click Remove and select Yes to confirm.

4. In Cloudpaging Player go to File >> Options >> Cache tab and click on Clear Cache and confirm that on a popup window

5. After the application will be removed from the Player, check if your Windows is up to date. Go to Windows Start, select Settings and Update & Security. Click the Check for Updates button and install all pending updates.

6. Log back in to Software Hub. Make sure that your session is Validated. The green tick will appear in the right bottom corner.

7. Find the application and click Launch. That will download the selected application one more time and it should run.

8. If you have upgraded to Windows 11 there may be an issue with hardware requirements and advise checking with the manufacturer of your PC to check Windows 11 compatibility.
Here's an overview of requirements from Microsoft -

In some cases, when an additional antivirus is installed in Windows system, adding an exception for Cloudpaging Player may solve the problem. The file to be added to the exception is JukeboxPlayer.exe and is in: “C:\Program Files\Numecent\Application Jukebox Player” directory.

To find how to add exceptions to the specific antivirus, please visit antivirus support page.

For more info on how to use Software Hub, see the user guide:


Applications in Software Hub are restricted to run on computers with Windows 10 or 11 with the latest updates (version 21H2 or higher).

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Created by Tim Rose on 28 March 2023 and last updated by Tim Rose on 17 May 2023