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How do I resolve 'Application Blocked by Java Security' when accessing CMS/Yellow Screens?

Please ensure sure you are making this change in the place you are accessing CMS/Yellow Screens. For example, if you are remoting onto your work PC then you need to change these settings on that PC. 


1. Select Search (bottom left hand corner) or click the Start button and type in “Configure Java”

2. Open the Java Control Panel and select the Security tab

3. Click on Edit Site List

4. Click the Add button in the Exception Site List window

5. Click in the empty field under Location to enter the URL

6. Click OK and close Internet Explorer completely

7. Reopen Internet Explorer and try again. You should now have access to CMS/Yellow Screens





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Created by Rebecca Latimer on 6 January 2021 and last updated by Rebecca Latimer on 11 January 2021