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How do I install the new MFD print queue onto an IT Services Linux computer?

If your Mac or Linux workstation have been provided and configured by IT Services, the new MFD printing service should automatically be installed for you.  If your managed workstation has not yet received the print queue please run the following command in Terminal to initiate the installation:



sudo curl -sL | bash



sudo curl -sL | bash


You will be prompted to enter your local password for the workstation in order to run the command. 

You should be presented with the following output:

Output following installation of the 2017 MFD print queue on a Linux computer

Once the command has completed, you will be able to print to the new UoS_Secure_Print queue.

If you are using a self managed or personally owned Mac or Linux computer, you will need to print via WebPrint (available soon).

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Created by Alexander Butler on 22 September 2017 and last updated by Russell Walkden on 1 August 2023