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How do I use the new MFD system?

Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) are the new printing solution for the University of Sussex.  Some offices and teaching spaces have already been using MFDs and more are being deployed.  Existing MFDs are being upgraded to a new system.  This FAQ covers some common questions about the new MFD system...


What is an MFD?
A Multi-Functional Device – this means you can use the same device to print, copy and scan.

Who will be using the MFDs?
All staff and students can use the MFDs for printing. Students will have access to MFD's in all cluster areas and some additional locations on campus.

Where can I find an MFD?
All student print areas will have MFDs, as will all offices and office buildings.

How is staff printing paid for?
Printing and copying done by members of a department will be recharged to the relevant budget holder.

I am a member of staff, why can I see a charge for my printing? 
As a staff member you will not be charged for printing - you will see a nominal cost that ITS will record for accounting purposes however, and it will go into negative figures. 

Is everyone now using MFDs?
Yes, all staff and students have access to MFDs, including IT Services, the VCs Office, and student clusters.

I sent something to print yesterday and now it’s gone!
Jobs in the UoS_Secure_Print queue are held for 12 hours, so you need to send it to print again.

How do I log into the MFDs?
You should have been sent a printing id number by email – you can use this to log into the new devices. If you haven’t received an id number, or have misplaced it, you should advise the IT Service Desk, who will issue you with a reminder. Soon you will be able to check this and other account information online.  

Who will fill the paper up?
Local stores will be kept as usual so that paper can be filled up. Assistance can also be given by the onsite engineer if required.  Please contact the IT Service Desk 

How are waste toner bottles disposed of?
Waste toner bottles should be placed in the Annodata toner collection box located near to the MFD.

How are empty toner cassettes disposed of?
Empty toner cassettes should be placed in the Annodata toner collection box located near to the MFD.

There is a paper jam, who can fix it?
The onsite engineer will fix any problems with the MFDs. Please contact the  IT Service Desk.

How do I order toner?
Toner is delivered automatically based on your usage. If you have any problems with this process please contact IT Services.

The MFD needs toner, what do I do?
The onsite engineer will replace the toner for you if required. Contact the IT Service Desk.

The MFD is broken and I have an urgent print job, what do I do?
Please report the problem to IT Services.

You can however collect your printing from any other MFD on campus.

My printer is broken, how do I get help?
IT Services will be ending support for non-MFDs, therefore you should contact your school or departmental administrator to arrange removal via IT Services.

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