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What assistive software is available on campus for users with disabilities or learning needs?

Assistive software is available on all cluster PCs across campus and can be installed on staff computers from Software Centre. This software includes:

Mindview - a mindmapping application
Zoomtext - an application for visually impaired users
ClaroRead - an application for users with specific learning needs
OneNote Learning Tools - immersive reader for OneNote

Windows 10, installed on all student computers, also has a number of built in assistive technology, called Ease of Access.

This software is available on all computers across campus, including the four assistive PCs; that have restricted logins and are therefore only available to those who need them. These computers are found in the following places:

General information about assistive hardware service can be found on this page.

The Library has a service called SensusAccess which can convert various files into a number of formats, including audio and braille.
SensusAccess can be accessed via this link -

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