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Why do I have to register every time I want to use the wi-fi?

You should only have to register each of your devices the first time they connect to the wi-fi. If you keep seeing the registration page, it usually means that your device is automatically connecting to the setup network instead of eduroam.

The setup network is only needed the first time you go online at Sussex, but if your device has remembered the network, it may sometimes connect automatically which is why you see the registration page again. 

To fix it, you just have to "forget" the setup network on your device. The process differs according to different devices but here are the procedures for some of the systems that are usually affected:


  • go to Settings and choose Wi-fi
  • tap and hold on and choose Forget network

iPhone or iPad

  • go to Settings and then Wi-Fi
  • tap on the i next to
  • if the network has been remembered on your device, you will see a button on the following page labelled "Forget This Network" - tap the button to forget it


  • go to System Preferences and choose Network
  • select Wi-Fi in the left-hand panel and click Advanced
  • in the Preferred Networks panel, locate and click to highlight it
  • click the "-" below to delete it

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Created by David Guest on 13 February 2015 and last updated by Tom Stanton on 17 July 2015