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What is a document camera / visualizer (aka Ladibug)?

Document Cameras, sometimes called visualizers / digital presenters or 'Ladibugs' (a brand name) can be used to digitally project an object or printed document/image.

Instructions and training can be found on the Technology Enhanced Learning website.  


  • Can be used for ad-hoc display of an object, printed document, image  
  • Can be used without logging onto the PC
  • May be accessible via a desktop icon which allows you to see the image in a separate window on the PC, enabling the image to be displayed side by side with a presentation, web page etc. Look for an icon showing the camera model.
  • Allows use of a sheet of paper and pen as an alternative to a whiteboard.
  • Many cameras can store images, which can then be saved as a file.

(Specific information will be displayed in the room but generally the output from these devices is displayed when doc cam is selected on the desk/wall control panel.)


 Sample document cameras




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