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How can I connect to my home directory (N: drive) on my staff PC?

If your staff PC does not connect to your personal N: drive automatically, you can connect it manually:

  • from the Start button, go to Computer (this may be shown as your username 'on'...)
  • if the N: drive is already connected but shown as disconnected (usually with a red 'X' icon), right-click on it and choose Disconnect
  • choose Tools in the top menu and then Map Network Drive
  • choose a free drive letter (choose N: if it it's not already in use)
  • in the Folder field, enter this address with your username at the end: \\\[username] so if your username were ano23, you would enter: \\\ano23
  • tick the option to Reconnect at logon
  • tick the option to Connect using different credentials
  • click Finish
  • in the User name field of the login window that comes up, enter ad_us\ followed by your username, so if your Sussex username were ano23, you would enter ad_us\ano23
  • in the Password field enter your normal Sussex password
  • click OK

Please note that this method will only work when you are on the campus network. Personal N: drives are also available from off-campus using Secure File Transfer (SFTP).

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Created by David Guest on 18 January 2013 and last updated by Chris Limb on 20 June 2014