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What should I do if XpressConnect fails to connect with the error 'IP address was not acquired within the allotted time'?

A number of users have reported a problem with XpressConnect when they are trying to get set up to use eduroam (wifi) on campus. If you are affected by the issue, you will see an error message which says 'An IP Address was not acquired within the allotted time.'

screenshot of error page in xpress connect

If you get this error, we can fix it at IT Services. Please drop in to the IT Service Desk in Shawcross (open 9am to 7pm in term time, 9am to 5.30pm in vacations) or call us on 8090 (or if calling from off campus, 01273 678090) to book an appointment.

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Created by David Guest on 18 November 2010 and last updated by Alexander Butler on 25 June 2018