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I am trying to view documents submitted by applicants using the database screens and I'm not able to. How can I do this.

From the Student Applicants screen it is possible to look at documents submitted in support of an application by looking at the 'Documents' tab in the Progression screen. 

If you click on the View Doc button, after selecting a file, then this will open.  If you're having problems opening word files then you may need to do the following.

  • With the word document highlighted, hold down the Cntrl key on your keyboard. 
  • Keep this key held down whilst clicking the 'View Doc' button and keep the key held down until you get a pop-up box asking whether you want to Open or Save the file.
  • You should then be able to Open the file and read it.

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Created by Michele Saliman on 20 March 2009 and last updated by Jack McCulloch on 29 June 2016