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Why won't my Mac re-connect after sleep?

A number of users have reported problems connecting to eduroam with MacBooks running a particular version of the Mac operating system (10.6 - "Snow Leopard").

The most common symptoms are:

  • having to go through the Xpress Connect process every time to connect to the network
  • being able to see and connect to the network but unable to browse web pages
  • able to connect without problems on some days but not others

Similar problems have been reported with many other wireless networks and they are linked to the way that Snow Leopard re-establishes a connection after the device has been woken from sleep.

Temporary workaround
IT Services are working on a change to the network which will resolve this problem in the future but this will take some time to complete. In the meantime, some users have been able to fix the issue by following this procedure each time there is a problem connecting:

screenshots of actions required

  1. close down any web browser or internet client
  2. open System Preferences and then click on Network (or click on the Airport Icon in the menu bar and then Open Network Preferences)
  3. click on Airport and then from the action menu (the cog icon at the foot of the panel), choose Make Service Inactive
  4. click on Apply
  5. click on Airport again and from the action menu (cog icon), choose Make Service Active
  6. click on Apply
  7. after a few seconds, you should see an IP address listed under Status. For a connection to eduroam, the IP address should start with 10. You should now be able to browse the internet again.

See also: How can I resolve problems connecting to eduroam with my Mac?

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Created by David Guest on 1 February 2010 and last updated by Tom Stanton on 17 July 2015