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How can I find a file I saved from the web using Firefox?

On a PC

When saving files from the web using Firefox on a PC, the location of saved files depends upon the Firefox settings.

From the Firefox start page, you can click on the Options icon at the bottom of the page, or click Menu > Options from the top right-hand corner.  Both are indicated below.   

  • if you select the Save files to option you can browse to the folder to where you would like Firefox to automatically save the files
  • if you select the Always ask me where to save files option, Firefox will always give you the option of selecting a location to save a downloaded file

If you are using Firefox on an IT Services PC you will by default be asked where to save your files.


On a Mac

On a Mac the settings are similar - select the Firefox menu then Preferences option. This will bring up the Preferences panel; the Save files options are available under the General tab: 




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Created by Chris Limb on 3 November 2008 and last updated by Mark Wilson on 14 July 2016