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I am a member of staff and I need to print. Can I have my own local printer?

In general, IT Services provides printing facilities using networked printers, which are normally faster, more reliable, flexible and less resource-intensive than individual printers. In turn this makes them more energy-efficient and cost effective. However, network printers may not be suitable for all situations. Where this is the case, IT Services can provide printers for individuals but this will incur an extra cost for your department.

Local printers may be requested and provided by IT Services in the following situations:

  • Confidential Printing: If your role requires you to print highly confidential material and IT Services cannot provide a network printer capable of holding documents until a secure PIN (one you select) is entered.
  • Large volumes of printing: If your role requires you to print significant quantities (more than 1500 pages per month) a printer with additional paper trays and duplex facilities [to save paper], as appropriate, would be provided.
  • Business Case: You have a business case to use a colour printer (printing more than 500 pages per month).
  • Disability or Special needs issues: The Disability and Discrimination Act indicates reasonable adjustments to working environment. This may require the provision of local printing facilities.
  • Network printers are not available: Where network printing facilities are more than an acceptable distance from an office (usually more than 30 metres).

If you think you are eligible for a local printer please make a request to IT Services through your School Administrator or Line Manager.

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