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Can I put money on my Printing Account using a debit or credit card?

If you are a current student, you can add credit to your printing account using your debit or credit card in Sussex Direct, as well as Paypal.

  1. Log in to Sussex Direct.
  2. Under the Personal menu,  click on Printing Account:

  3. Ensure that the username shown is the correct one to be credited, then click the Purchase Credit button:

    Sussex Direct Printing Account balance

  4. Select an Amount of Credit.  £1 is the minimum amount you can add. Then click the Purchase button:

    Sussex Direct Printing Account purchase

  5. Check the details are correct and then click on the Continue button:

    Sussex Direct Printing Account purchase

  6. Complete your card details and then click the Continue button:

    Sussex Direct Printing Account card details

  7. While your card payment is being processed the following message may appear. Please read it carefully before you click OK:

If the payment is authorised you should be shown a Payment Authorised message, showing all the payment details.  You can print this by selecting File / Print from the browser menu.

Your Printer account credit should now increase by the amount purchased.

You should receive an automatic email message from Student Accounts confirming your payment.

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Created by Sandy Radford on 11 December 2007 and last updated by Alexander Butler on 1 April 2019