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I am a BSMS student living on the Sussex campus, what computing facilities can I access from my bedroom if I bring my own laptop / computer with me?

There are many locations on campus - including the residences - where you can connect to the campus wi-fi network.

In addition all campus bedrooms have a wired connection so that you can connect your own laptop / computer to the University Campus network. This is also available in the King's Road residence in Brighton. In addition you can connect other mobile devices (such as smart phones) using wireless which is also available in most study bedrooms and / or common areas.

See the internet connections website for more information

In addition, there are several 24 hr computer rooms on campus - York House residence, Pevensey, John Maynard Smith and IT Services Shawcross, all with laser printers. The Library is also open 24 hr during the week.

Details of the locations and access to these 24 hour access rooms can be found on the following page:

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