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How do I share files using OneDrive?

You can use OneDrive to share Microsoft Office documents and files such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint files. The document you wish to share must be saved on to OneDrive – University of Sussex. Before you use OneDrive, please read further advice on the use of cloud storage, available in FAQ 2550 

To share using OneDrive from Office 365

  • Ensure the document is saved or uploaded to OneDrive.
  • Login to Office 365 and click on the OneDrive tile. Further details at
  • From your list of documents in OneDrive, click the dots next to the document name that you want to share
  • Click Share
  • You can enable or disable editing of the document with shared people by clicking on the 'Only the people you specify who have this link can edit' and ticking/unticking the 'Allow Editing' setting.
  • Type the email addresses you would like to share the document with.
  • Click the Send button
  • The person you have shared will receive an email with a link.

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