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Setting up and cancelling forwarding of email

Please note that you cannot set up automatic forwarding to an external address.

It is straight forward to set up or cancel email forwarding. 

If you are a member of staff or Student at BSMS, you will need to follow the instructions at the bottom of this page.


IMPORTANT:  To comply with the Data Protection Act, you must not auto-forward your incoming email to another person's email address.  If you want another person to handle email meant for you, you should set up an autoreply on your account giving instructions to email work-related messages to the other person's address.  That will help ensure only work-related email, and no personal or confidential email would be sent to the other person, and would thus comply with the Data Protection Act.  Instructions for setting up autoreplies are given in FAQ 2298.


Guidance for BSMS:

To ensure you don't miss any email from Sussex, BSMS students and staff are advised to forward mail they would receive in their Sussex mailbox, to their BSMS mailbox. You will need to follow these steps to do so:

  1. Login to Outlook Online with your Sussex credentials. (bsms****  and your Sussex password.
  2. If you are redirected to your BSMS email, please use an incognito window or try another browser.
  3. Once you are logged in, at the top right is a settings cog, click on this and then search for "Forwarding"
  4. Click on Forwarding and this should open the configuration pane.
  5. Tick "Enable Forwarding" and make sure "Keep a copy of forwarded messages" is also ticked.
  6. In the "Forward my email to:" field, enter your BSMS email address ensuring that it is correct.
  7. Click on Save at the bottom right of the configuration pane and your forward will apply straight away. 

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