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Name for new academic building marks golden jubilee

Posted on behalf of: University of Sussex

Last updated: Friday, 20 July 2012

The University always prides itself on its innovative, distinctive approach that seeks to 'redraw the map of learning'.

With the kindest of regards to the person who thought of the name "Jubilee", it does not seem to fit well with the founding principles and spirit of Sussex. The combined intellectual might of our University aught to be capable of greater and more distinctive aspirations than this, I would hope.  There are so many 'Jubilee' buildings and roads already.

I would like to suggest that, prior to settling on this proposed name, there should be a competition across campus, to see if there are any other thoughts that blend with this important birthday year and the uniqueness of our institution.

Marco A. Frieslaar



From Marco Frieslaar on 20 July 2012
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Law Students should be accommodated there.

From Dawid Malinowski on 21 July 2012
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I think "Jubilee" is a bit wet too. How about The Higgs Building as celebration of a slightly more significant event that took place this year. And the building looks like its got alot of mass :-)

From Megan Rowse on 9 August 2012
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