Update your device TODAY to connect to wi-fi (eduroam)

Posted: Tue 7 Nov 2017, 11:07am.

Today (Monday 13 November), IT Services applied a new security certificate to the eduroam network.  Many users will need to install the new certificate in order to continue using eduroam.


What do you need to do?


In most cases, IT Services strongly recommends that you do not press “Trust” or “Accept” if you get a security pop-up on Monday 13 November. Accepting certificates that you’re not sure about will expose you to security risks, so IT Services have provided ways for you to safely install the new certificate.

If you see a security popup on Monday, you should follow the steps for your device below. The process is simple and should only take a few seconds, but if you need any help please visit the IT Service Desk in Shawcross.

iPhones and iPad users

You can find instructions on this page to download and install the new certificate.

Android users

There is an app in the Google Play store that will help you install the new certificate. Go to the Play store, search for eduroamCAT and install the app.

When you first open the application, the screen may remain blank for a while as it detects your nearest network.  If the list doesn't appear within 1 minute, please use the manual search, entering "sussex" into the search box.  When you see the University of Sussex in the list, select it and then press Install in the next screen.

Laptops and desktops

If you're prompted to accept the new certificate, please do not accept it.  This will disconnect you from eduroam.

To reconnect, go to the list of available wi-fi networks and select sussex.ac.uk-wifi-setup.  You should be automatically redirected to the setup page, where you can click ‘Setup my connection’ to download the eduroamCAT installer. If you aren't redirected, please follow this link.  You may encounter error messages in some browsers warning you that this page is insecure - please follow the links to proceed to the page anyway.

When you run the application, your computer will prompt you to follow some simple steps to complete the installation.  When prompted for your network username and password, remember to enter your username in form ano123@sussex.ac.uk.

Windows phone users

Please visit this FAQ on the IT Services website for a guide to installing the new certificate on Windows phones.


Why is this happening?


On Monday 13 November, IT Services installed a new security certificate onto the eduroam wi-fi network. As a result of this, most devices will have prompted you to approve the new certificate the next time you connected to eduroam.

Certificates are a vital part of the way security is handled online. Certificates are checked every time you visit a website or connect to a network, and it happens hundreds of times every day without bothering the user.

However, large networks such as universities or corporations require a higher level of security. In order to ensure that students and staff are kept safe, our network provider, JISC, issue the University of Sussex with a new certificate every two years. As soon as IT Services apply the new certificate, all connected devices will detect a possible security risk and will prompt you to take action. 

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