New webmail service: Roundcube

Posted: Mon 18 May 2009, 12:00am.

IT Services has introduced a new webmail service called RoundCube for your Sussex email. RoundCube provides a simpler and more attractive webmail interface than the older webmail service (Silkymail).

A short introductory guide can be found at

RoundCube can be accessed directly at

Some FAQs that supplement the guide can be found at They include an FAQ on how to transfer your address book into RoundCube.

Your comments on RoundCube will be most welcome as we evaluate RoundCube as a replacement for Silkymail.
Please send your comments to

RoundCube uses the relatively new open-source software from the RoundCube Webmail Project. Other universities currently using RoundCube include Universities of Michigan, California Berkeley, Colorado State and Auckland.

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