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What's happening in the Hive?

The Sussex Research Hive is the Library's designated areas for researchers. Three Research Hive Scholars support the area, engaging with Sussex researchers to find out what you want from your community, and planning initiatives in response.

Doctoral Discussions Hive event series

The Sussex Research Hive is proud to present a new series of peer to peer sessions called Doctoral Discussions.

During these events panels of doctoral and early career researchers will share their experiences, and provide practical help on various topics that are relevant to Doctoral life.

These topics will include, among others...

  • Conferences & Networking
  • Teaching
  • Collaboration
  • Viva

Doctoral Discussions will take place every 6 weeks in the spring term during lunch time – lunch will be provided. Come along for a valuable peer-support experience!

Please get in touch at if there are any topics you would like to see covered.

Top blogs for doctoral researchers

Last month we told you about a blog post competition currently being run by the Research Hive  with the chance to win a £50 voucher.

We thought some of you might be in need of a bit of inspiration, so we asked the Research Hive Scholars to tell us about their top blogs for doctoral researchers. Why not check out some of the previous posts that have been written on the Hive blog, or explore some of the Research Hive Scholar's other favourite blogs for some ideas...

  1. Sussex Research Hive (of course!) - the only blog dedicated to the research community at the University of Sussex
  2. PhD Life - Warwick University's blog about the PhD student experience
  3. The Research Whisperer - a blog dedicated to the topic of carrying out research in academia
  4. The Thesis Whisperer - a blog newspaper all about writing a PhD thesis
  5. Get a Life, PhD - a PhD work-life balance blog

If you'd like to take part in the Research Hive's blog competition, simply write a blog post of between 500 and 1500 words on any topic relating to life as a researcher and submit it to

The winner of the £50 voucher will be announced at the Joint Doctoral School and Research Hive Festive Event.

Shut Up and Write (Friday 15th December, 10:00 - 12:00 - The Meeting House)

Shut Up and Write is a novel way to combat the many distractions and excuses that keep you from getting your writing done.

Take a seat and get yourself comfortable, get to know the people in your group. One of the Hive Scholars will tell you when they are setting the timer. At this point you, essentially, shut up and write. No Facebook, no emails, no Internet pictures of cats. The trick is to not be overly critical or too focused on writing something perfect. Write whatever comes to your head. Editing is for later!

Follow the Research Hive on Twitter and read their blog to find out more about these events and to get in touch with the Scholars.

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