Dalziel after Frederick Walker, illustration for ‘The Seasons' (Autumn), in A Round of Days

Frederick Walker was an exceptionally talented draughtsman, as can be seen from this illustration after his design. A group of artists known as the idyllists formed around him in the 60s. These included George John Pinwell, Arthur Houghton and John William North, who all also made designs for Dalziel.
Dalziel after Frederick Walker, illustration for ‘The Seasons’ (Autumn), in A Round of Days: Described in Original Poems by Some of Our Most Celebrated Poets, and in Pictures by Eminent Artists (London: Routledge, 1866). Dalziel Archive Vol. XVIII (1863-1867), British Museum reg. no. 1913,0415.179, print no. 384. By Permission of the Trustees of The British Museum. All Rights Reserved © Sylph Editions, 2016