Dalziel, illustration for Charles Pritchard, 'Upward Glances', in The Sunday Magazine

The images on this block contrast marine microbiology with astronomical nebulae. They illustrate an article that mixes the latest scientific discoveries with religious doctrine, exploring tiny and huge phenomena to demonstrate an insistent moral message: ‘A slow, divinely majestic rhythm pervades all living things, and attests the presence of HIS WILL: the very least as feeling his care, and the greatest as not exempt from his power.’
Dalziel, illustration for Charles Pritchard, ‘Upward Glances’, in The Sunday Magazine, Vol. VI (1869-1870). Dalziel Archive Vol. XXVI (1869-1870), British Museum reg. no. 1913,0415.187, print no. 153. By Permission of the Trustees of The British Museum. All Rights Reserved © Sylph Editions, 2016